Building B2B Brand Awareness on LinkedIn
1 August, 23
Social Media

Building B2B Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

In the era of global connectivity and networking, a robust LinkedIn presence has become crucial for businesses looking to expand their reach and establish themselves as industry leaders. This case study explores the journey of a digital marketing manager tasked with enhancing the LinkedIn presence of two companies: an HR advisory firm based in India and a business cultural awareness organization headquartered in the UK.

Challenge in B2B LinkedIn Marketing:

Limited LinkedIn Presence : The primary challenge faced was the companies' little presence on LinkedIn. There were very little established company followers, or content.

Strong Personal Connections : Despite the limited company presence, the founders of both organizations had strong personal connections on LinkedIn. Leveraging these connections while maintaining professionalism was crucial.


Leveraging Personal Connections : The first step was to leverage the founders' personal connections. Sending out connect invitations to their professional networks to follow the respective company pages.

Content Strategy : A comprehensive social media calendar was developed, aligning with the goals and values of each organization. This calendar included curated content, industry insights, company updates and more.

Brand Visualization : To establish a consistent and recognizable brand image, visual guidelines were created. These included templates for posts, consistent color schemes, and logo usage guidelines.



Steady Recognition and Brand Recall : Over time, the consistent posting of relevant content led to increased recognition and brand recall on LinkedIn.

Follower Growth : Leveraging the founders' personal connections significantly contributed to follower growth.

Engagement and Interaction : The content strategy also led to increased engagement with the audience. Followers started to comment, like, and share the posts, amplifying the companies' reach further.

Business Opportunities : As the LinkedIn presence strengthened, both organizations received recognition from potential partners interested in their expertise.


This demonstrates the importance of a well-planned and executed LinkedIn strategy for businesses. By leveraging personal connections, developing a content strategy, and adhering to brand guidelines, companies can build a strong LinkedIn presence. The positive outcomes, including increased brand recognition, follower growth, engagement, and business opportunities, underscore the value of investing in professional networking and digital marketing efforts on this platform.