Why A Restaurant Needs to Speak the Language of Google Assistant Voice Search
1 April, 2024
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Why A Restaurant Needs to Speak the Language of Google Assistant Voice Search

Let's talk about a missed opportunity a local restaurant had from me recently. I did a quick voice search on Google Assistant to find restaurants near Chembur’s most popular landmark: R.K. Studio. Imagine my disappointment when the results skipped over a new trendy spots: Nxt Lvl, Chembur literally steps away!

By embracing VSO, you're not just attracting new customers, you're building brand awareness and establishing yourself as the go-to spot for a delicious and convenient meal.

Target Hungry Travelers :

Like me, many potential customers are exploring new areas and rely on voice search to find that perfect bite. Being VSO friendly means you're there when they ask, "Hey Google, what are some great restaurants near R.K. Studio?"

Natural Language Reigns Supreme :

People speak differently than they type. VSO focuses on conversational keywords like "best pizza near me" or "what's open for lunch?" Optimizing your content with these phrases increases your chances of being the answer.

Local is King (and Queen) :

Voice search often prioritizes local results. Make sure the Google My Business profile is sparkling, with accurate address, hours, and inviting descriptions. Don't forget to claim listings on other local directories too!


Here's why SEO is a game-changer for restaurants, especially those looking to attract new customers:

Increased Visibility :

SEO helps your restaurant appear at the top of search results when people type in relevant keywords like "[restaurant type] near [landmark]". This ensures you're not just competing with local giants, but also catching the eye of tourists and passersby who might be your perfect customer.

Free Marketing :

Unlike paid advertising, SEO is an organic way to climb the search engine ladder. It requires effort, but the long-term benefits of a steady stream of customers visiting your website or walking through the door are undeniable.

By implementing SEO strategies, restaurants can create a user-friendly website with clear information like location, opening hours, and of course, a tempting menu. Building a strong online presence also allows you to showcase mouthwatering food photos, positive reviews, and even special offers, further enticing potential customers.